"Three of the year 2000"

on the Symposium poster of Nuremberg


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Urban Symposium of Nuremberg of 1971 and in which Andreu Alfaro participated with various artists, Neues Museum of Nuremberg will open "Arts Attacks. 50 anys of Art in the Public Space" exhibition on 16 October, in which Andreu Alfaro will take part again. Also, "Three of the year 2000" urban sculpture of 1971 in Am Plärrer square of this city will be used as a symbol in the poster.

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Group Exhibition:

Mechanical and Technological Imaginaries in the IVAM Collection


Since last 11 March "Mechanical and Technological Imaginaries in the IVAM Collection" exhibition is opening in The Valencian Institute of Modern Art which Andreu Alfaro is participating with several pieces of the 1970s on loan. It will be open to the public until 17 October 2021.

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